Need help with match-making?

Please review frequently asked questions. We make sure you’ll get some help and still if you need any assistance, feel free to contact us at https://Saadi Jodi/.

1.How can I register with Saadi Jodi?

You have to enter your valid information in an online form and submit it.

2.What are the registration charges?

You can register free of cost. But to initiate a chat with a perfect match, we have different packages to deliver. 

3.What is the registration procedure?

The procedure is pretty simple. Signup and fill an online form with your proper details and you can start to explore the perfect match.

4.Is there any advantage if two members of the same family register with Saadi Jodi?

Sorry, there is no such advantage but you can get benefits of polishing your profile by adding best interest and skills.

5.How can I reset my password in case I forget?

Don’t worry if you forget the password. Simply, enter your registered email Id & mobile number and click the forget password. A link to reset the password will be on your email Id as well as on your mobile number.

6.Is it compulsory to add pictures to your account?

Definitely, if you add your best pictures then a true bride/groom approaches you.

7.How can I connect to other profiles?

Enter the desired requirement you are looking for in a bride or groom and related profiles will be displayed on your screen.

8.What is the criterion of a valid profile?

A serious match maker can connect through us. A profile submitted by an underage person, a profile with abusive content, and a profile contains fun text are rejected.

9.How can I edit my profile?

By clicking on a profile picture, your account details will be visible. Click on the edit option and you are free to add changes.

10.What are Email Id and mobile number verification?

To verify the email Id and mobile number, a link has been sent, and by clicking that link, details are considered to be verified. It is absolutely free and only paid members are allowed to see your contact details and you can also check which profile has visited your information.