Privacy Policy

Saadi Jodi is an online matrimonial website, constantly working to deliver the best life partner. To offer a privacy statement is mandatory, similarly, we committed right to privacy regarding all the personal information we have collected from you. By providing your private information, you sign the consent to use info mentioned over a website or app.

What kind of information, Saadi Jodi collect from you?

Direct Information: The information directly submitted by you while registering with us such as Full name, contact number, educational qualifications, religion, region, gender, date of birth, marital status, hobbies, etc

  • On the second note when you want to continue with us using paid services, we need your credit and debit details
  • Your latest photographs
  • Details shared with our customer care or team members

Indirect information using social media and inquiry: Apart from the direct information you offer, we go through your social platforms and send an inquiry to collect more information about you. This process is to verify your profile and to make sure the registered profile is valid or not.

You have an opportunity to use your Facebook login to register with Saadi Jodi. This permits us to get some additional information about you from your social accounts.

How Saadi Jodi use the information it collects?

There are several aspects for which we use your information:

  • For data analysis
  • To provide customer assistance
  • Conduct research to improve the service
  • Account management with every new update
  • Connect you regarding promotional events

Recommend perfect matches and make your profile visible to other users

To whom we share collected information?

With full care and respect, we store your information and nothing has been shared with any irrelevant agency or organization.

The information you shared is opened for the registered or valid profile. In case you want to change some privacy settings, you have the right to edit it by going to privacy settings.

Your information can be accessed by a third party also and they are service providers and partners. When we forward our website or app for maintenance, hosting, storage, backup, and payment process, our partners can access your information but they are strictly following rules and regulations regards for confidentiality.

How we secure your information?

When we talk about the security of your information, we don’t guarantee the Internet but for your sensitive information such as payment processing, we maintain protection, or information is encrypted with the best encryption software. Once your information reaches us, we follow all the guidelines to store it from unauthorized access. The information has been accessed by the employees while performing some technical jobs.

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How long we keep your information?

We keep your information as long as you are using our service and as applicable by legal authorities. Additionally, your details remain in our system if there is any dispute case, for establishing legal defenses and till the agreed deadline. After that, we delete all the collected information.

How you will get to know about changes in the privacy policy?

In case we change any privacy policy, we will notice to our registered profiles via email. Moreover, we advise you if you’re using an app, update it when required.

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